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Artists and crafts folk are drawn to the picturesque beauty of the Geraldine district as well as the relaxed lifestyle.  A number of renowned artists, including John Badcock, Mike Deavoll, Henry Lowen-Smith and the late Austen Deans have made homes in the area.  Many artists have studios open to the public, or display at one of the range of galleries around town.  Budding amateur artists can also learn from the masters at regular workshops held in the town.

Each year in November, the Geraldine Arts and Plants Festival showcases the artistic talents of the town and is a wonderful time to experience all the town has to offer.  Additionally, the Academy of Performance & Arts is a place where creativity comes alive through an array of regular and one-off opportunities to learn and experience a range of artistic genres.

Geraldine really is an arts and art lover’s paradise.

Some local artists whose art is worth exploring:

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