Big Rock Adventures

Stand Firm.  Take a breath.  Now JUMP!


It’s many different sports and fun activities all rolled into one. Hiking, swimming, rappelling, cliff jumps, water slides and zip lines. We dress you to swim and add some technical gear for the rappels, zip lines and slides. Once in the canyon, it’s an outdoor mission from top to bottom, through, over, under and between, a natural water park!

We offer a range of canyoning experiences around the Canterbury region plus canyoning courses and canyoning for school groups.

The Kaumira Canyon (Geraldine) “no canyon in NZ has more variety than Kaumira” is rigged and set up to include every aspect you would expect on any tour!  There is a perfect balance of action and tranquility with quieter passages to reflect and admire the beauty that can only be found in remote places like canyons.

Why Us?

  1. Easiest access… step out of the car, walk 10 minutes
  2. We do it all… abseils (self), zip lines, slides, jumps, combos and flips!
  3. Food/snacks and refreshments included