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Geraldine Licensing Trust

Geraldine Licensing Trust

Aims and Activities of the Trust:

The Geraldine Licensing Trust (GLT) has been operating in the Geraldine area since 1950.  The Trust is a commercial venture, managed by an elected board, providing hospitality to visitors and locals by investing in community assets.  Its purpose is to manage and grow the Trust’s assets for the benefit of Geraldine.

GLT derives its income from the lease of its properties; the Village Inn Complex, Westpac Bank building and law practice office building on Wilson Street, as well as other investments and returns a portion of its profits to the community as a ‘community dividend’.

Each year the Trust provides financial support to a range of Geraldine organisations and groups through submitted applications as well as contributing to a number of key partnerships spanning the social, cultural, educational and business interests of our community including:

Geraldine Resource Centre                            Naming Partnership Agreement

Geraldine Historical Society                         Naming Partnership Agreement

Geraldine Community Vehicle Trust           Advertising Sponsorship

Geraldine High School                                   3 student Tertiary Scholarships

Go Geraldine                                                    Go Geraldine Christmas Parade

The Trust also acts as an advisory body to the Southern Trust which operates the gaming machines in Geraldine and whose aim is to return the profits of those machines directly back into the community.

Over the past 5 years the Southern Trust has contributed more than $1.1 m to Geraldine projects and groups while the Geraldine Licensing Trust annually provides $20-30,000 worth of financial support to Geraldine.

Just a few of the organisations that have benefited with financial support from the Geraldine Licensing Trust and Southern Trust in the last 5 years include:

  • Geraldine Primary School senior school playground upgrade
  • Geraldine Kindergarten playground upgrade
  • Waihi Lodge refurbishment and upgrade
  • Purchase and installation of 13 defibrillators around Geraldine district
  • Geraldine players – under wrote mortgage to purchase lodge theatre and contributed to atrium building and installation of heat pumps
  • Geraldine High School – provided funding for swimming pool fencing, safety netting, outdoor auditorium, glass walls and heat pump in library
  • RSA – Kitchen upgrade
  • Geraldine Rugby Club – New field lighting
  • Geraldine Scouts –Purchase of new tents Geraldine Swimming Pool upgrade (50th Anniversary project by the GLT in 2000)

See here for the rich and interesting history of liquor licensing and the Trust in Geraldine.

Sharing the Community Dividend.

Each year the GLT supports a number of community initiatives through grants.  The Trustees are enthusiastic about the support the Trust offers the community and say the first step for any group wanting to approach the GLT or Southern Trust (GLT act as an advisory body to the Southern Trust) is to contact any of the trustees for an initial chat.

They can provide people with advice and information which will help to shape the final formal application.  It is vital to get in touch with them early on, when a project is first coming together, so they can work with the group to get the amount right for the application as well as the timing of the application and how it is worded.  They are there to help and would love for people and organisations to make more use of the Trustees for the benefit of our whole community.

The Geraldine Licensing Trust does not have stringent set of criteria for applications however it does look at need and sustainability and tries to equitably share the funds that are available for distribution from the Trusts profits.  It is keen to support tangible projects that will have an enduring benefit for the community rather than contributing towards ongoing running costs or items that will soon need to be replaced.

As a ‘sounding board’ for the Southern Trust the GLT provide local knowledge and advice to the Southern Trust and their information and opinions are taken seriously by the Southern Trust.

Current Geraldine Licensing Trust Board members are:

*Nicky Donkers (Chair)

*Jo Hewson

*McGregor Simpson

*Dan Cummings

*Rosie Woods

*Ross Mcleod

The Trust’s administrator and secretary is:

Nicky Coleman of Solve Chartered Accountants and Advisors.

How to get involved:

The Geraldine Licensing Trust encourages local people to stand for nomination to the Trust and help to continue the Trust’s excellent work in supporting the community.  Elections are held every 3 years as part of the local body elections with 6 trustees are elected to represent Geraldine and govern the assets of the Trust.

The Trust welcomes people from all walks of life to bring diversity and a rich variety of interests, opinions and skills to the Trust.

See here for more information about the structure of the Trust.

Click here for the 2021 annual report of the trust.

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