Shear Sharp NZ

Shear Sharp NZ is a small business, specializing in blade/hand sheep shearing, shears, tuition and sharpening equipment.  We offer the largest range of quality blade/hand shearing equipment in the world, with several styles of blade shears both in basic form and expertly set up and ready to run for commercial and competition shearers. We also have grinding and sharpening set ups which allow anyone to sharpen shears with expert accuracy.
We give tuition on blade shearing. This includes tuition on both shearing technique and gear set up and sharpening. We have taught shearing schools in New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, France, Spain, Argentina England and Wales in the past.
We have expert shearers based in Christchurch and Geraldine in NZ available to shear sheep, goats, alpaca and llama. No mob is too small. A purpose built shearing trailer is available for blade shearing displays at shows, fairs or heritage events.
So if you require any blade shearing equipment or shearing tuition please don’t hesitate to contact us.