Education Choices in Geraldine.

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Families moving to the area will be delighted with the excellent range of high quality educational providers in the Geraldine area.  All enjoy excellent reputations and high standards while managing to offer unique cultures and opportunities to suit children of all interests.

Early Childhood Care and Education (0-6 yrs):

Geraldine Kindergarten has been a main stay of the Geraldine community for nearly 75 years and is located in the heart of Geraldine in a purpose built facility providing early childhood education for 3-6 year olds.

The Kindergarten is recognised as one of the top early childhood educators in New Zealand and is a world leader in Habits of Mind.

Geraldine Pre-School – is a community-based, non-profit-making centre committed to providing excellent care and education to 0 – 6 year olds.

With a particular focus on the environment, the Pre-School is the only educational facility in the Timaru District to be awarded the Enviro-school’s highest honour, the green-gold award.

Haywood Cottage Montessori – is a warm and welcoming place, a unique Early Childhood Education centre in Geraldine, renowned for its calm atmosphere and beautiful, richly resourced learning environment. It is a place of friendship, where children are nurtured and learn to nurture. The Montessori philosophy invites children to take ownership of their learning and growth, and aspire to their full potential.

Peel Forest Pre-School – is a small rurally based pre-school serving the Peel Forest area about 15 minutes from Geraldine providing early learning for 2-6 year olds.  The pre-school enjoys spacious grounds beneath the peaks of Mt Peel.

Clandeboye Pre-School – is a rural based early childhood centre offering high quality early years education in a stimulating and friendly environment for children aged 2-5 years.  Open Mon-Fri from 8.30-2.30 pm for a maximum of 20 children.

Private Caregivers – there are a number of private caregivers who welcome children into their own homes in the Geraldine area.

Primary Education (5-11 years):

Children normally commence school on their 5th Birthday in New Zealand, however, they are not required to attend school until they are 6 years old which allows time for children, especially boys, to develop at a pace suited to their individual needs.

In Geraldine the primary schools are capped at Year 6 (with the exception of Waihi School) with secondary schooling commencing from Year 7 at Geraldine High School.

Geraldine Primary School – Set in the centre of Geraldine, the school’s vision is to instill a desire to learn and the aspiration to achieve.  The school provides a stimulating environment which allows for a wide range of experiences and balance coverage of the curriculum.

Woodbury School – This school is set in picturesque Woodbury just 6 km’s from Geraldine and has a strong emphasis on developing responsibility, self-respect and self-discipline among students.  Woodbury encourages its students in adventure play, including hut building and tree climbing, which along with a number of events including Pet Day and the Flower and Craft Show help define its special character.

Winchester Rural School – Located 10 km from Geraldine on State Highway 1, Winchester Rural School opened in 1870 to serve the local rural community and regards its ‘seeds for learning’ as very important and embeds them in everyday life at school.  ‘Our Winch-wise community will aim high, by showing resilience, independence, inquisitiveness and respect.’

Carew Peel Forest School – Is an attractive rural school with a welcoming and friendly family atmosphere, reflecting its “Caring for” values.  The school is located in farmland 20 km’s north of Geraldine.  Children at this school benefit from quality learning experiences with a strong emphasis around literacy and maths in a school that is well resourced

Waihi School – Is a small family oriented boy’s school with spacious rural grounds and up-to-date facilities. Christian values and extensive pastoral care by peers and staff ensure every Waihi boy responds to the challenge of personal development. Established in 1907, Waihi continues a history of excellence in preparing confident, accomplished and well-balanced boys for secondary school and the future.  The school caters for boys from Years 4-8.

Secondary Education (11-18 years):

Geraldine High School –  is a co-educational school with a roll of 575 students from Years 7 to 13, set in spacious grounds in the centre of family friendly Geraldine.  The school offers a wide range of excellent academic, sporting and cultural experiences, with strong values.  It was the first high school in New Zealand to welcome children from Years 7-13 (forms 1-7 in those days) in 1963.

The highly regarded outdoor education programme, ski academy and agriculture academy are features of the curriculum that make the most of Geraldine’s unique environment.

Afterschool Care:

Kids Alive – The ‘Holidays @ Kids Alive’ (ages 5 to 13 year olds) and ‘After School @ Kids Alive’ (ages 5 to 13 year olds) Programmes provide outstanding care for children in a safe, caring and nurturing environment including quality indoor, outdoor play areas and equipment and resources.

Programmes are well-planned, stimulating and age-appropriate which enables children to have positive interaction with other children, adults and the environment. High quality staff are employed on a 1 adult to 10 children ratio.


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