A Few Good Men

See young Geraldine talent tackle this intense drama about the US military at the Lodge Theatre.  Tickets available from Just One Wish.  
A Few Good Men is a compelling drama about the trial of two US Marines charged with the murder of a fellow marine. Two marines, obeying orders, now stand trial for murder. Are they responsible for their comrades death? Or does the blame lie with the commanding officer Jessup, who ordered the roughing up of the soldier who “needed some training?”
Initially ambivalent and reluctant, the young lawyer Kaffee gets assigned the case. In the process of being satisfied with a simple plea bargain of the soldier’s sentence, Kaffee discovers that he must risk everything to bring the Colonel to justice, and clear their guilty charge.
Set in US Naval Base – Guantanonmo Bay, Cuba; Washington DC and courtroom. Summer 1986
Aaron Sorkin’s play A Few Good Men, was adapted for film in 1992, starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson.
A Community Theatre production of A FEW GOOD MEN, by Aaron Sorkins
Lodge Theatre, Talbot St, Geraldine
Directed by Kay Paterson
Produced by The Geraldine Academy of Performance and Arts 



The Lodge Theatre - Cnr Talbot and Hislop Streets, Geraldine, Select 7930 New Zealand

Adult: $ 18.00
Student: $ 12.00
Programme and US Marine Ration Pack (Supper): $ 5.00