Please contact Janene Adams (Foundation Coordinator) to discuss how you can donate.
Phone: 027 555 6524
The Geraldine District Foundation is a registered charity (CC57274) under the Charities Act 2005.

“We believe in a future that is bright; a future that is just and sustainable; a future that goes beyond the status quo. We’re building a community foundation to make this future a reality.” James Wallace (Foundation Chair).

Geraldine holds a special place in the hearts of many, as a community of special character that is thriving, alive and progressive.
The Geraldine District Foundation is a registered charity, established in 2019, that connects generous people with the causes and interests that matter most to them and that advance the Geraldine District.
Through the Geraldine District Foundation every donation stays local, providing benefit and enjoyment to our community and people.
Appointed for their skills, knowledge, community participation, and passion for Geraldine, the Foundation’s inaugural Trustees, James Wallace, Rosie Morten and Wayne O’Donnell, are committed to ensuring that every donor contribution is maximised for the benefit of the community by keeping administration costs and fees to a minimum.
Choosing the Geraldine District Foundation gives you the benefit of talking to local people with local knowledge, about how your donation will make a real difference.


Generally, donations are invested, and the income generated is distributed to worthy, local causes.
However, you may wish to specify a particular project, interest, or cause, to which you would like to direct the bulk or full amount of your donation.
We will work with you to make sure your donation goes where you wish.

Why give through the Geraldine District Foundation?
• We ensure your donation supports causes and interests that are important to you and Geraldine.
• We help you create a legacy for future generations.
• We help you maximise your tax advantages.

What is the Geraldine District Foundation’s commitment to you?
• We make it as easy as possible for you to give back to the Geraldine community.
• We have extensive community knowledge, connections, and insight.
• We ensure that all grants are made according to your wishes so that the community we all love benefits directly from your generosity.

Choosing to give through the Geraldine District Foundation is an easy, effective, and safe way to invest in the Geraldine District.
You can tag your donation to a specific interest/project or leave it for the general betterment of Geraldine.
You may wish to leave the Foundation a sum of money in your will (a bequest) or donate while
you are still alive (an endowment) and become a friend of the Foundation. An endowment may be a
single donation or regular contributions – whichever suits you.

Pay directly into our Bank Account:
The BNZ, Account no. 02-0836-0274773-00.

We can provide more detailed information about how to give and your specific interests. We also recommend that you talk to your lawyer or accountant.