A Beautiful Place to Call Home

GeraldineNestled beneath the towering Southern Alps, Geraldine is a must visit destination packed with activities and adventures for the whole family.

Walk, bike, eat, drink, shop, climb, play, work, stay. Enjoy the unique country village atmosphere and admire the grandeur of the many historical buildings and museums.

Take time to stroll the beautiful totara forests and walkways, many of them within walking distance of the township. The domain, with its lovely, extensive rose gardens is the ideal place to bring out the picnic. A short drive from Geraldine is Peel Forest.

This is a very precious and extensive podocarp forest with abundant bird life and with many reminders of the region's early European pioneers. Follow the road beside the Rangitata River (a world class white water rafting and salmon fishing river, which also provides vital irrigation to surrounding districts) into the Upper Rangitata River Valley for some of the most spectacular alpine and high country scenery in New Zealand.

If you are considering a move to Geraldine you'll find plenty of useful information here.


A Small Town with a Big Heart


If there's one thing we all agree on in Geraldine it's that we're proud of our town and we welcome all comers - whether they're just passing through or call the place home.

Geraldine is home to some fantastic social enterprises that celebrate our town and its community. Incredible Edible Geraldine, an organisation empowering local people to do local initiatives, around food and gardening. This is exactly what's taking place - edibles are popping up all over Geraldine, with volunteers, passers by, and businesses helping maintain them. Find out more about Incredible Edible Geraldine at their website and check out their printed Edible Map for printing.

Another wonderful innovation are the Pop-Up Community Library Boxes dotted around Geraldine.  Painted bright yellow and filled with all manner of titles people are welcome to help themselves to a book whenever they like says creator Cyril Guthrie.

Geraldine has a proud tradition of volunteering harking back to our pioneer days and it is one of the reasons the district is blessed with such excellent facilities and so many clubs and groups.  Getting involved is one way of connecting with the community and growing your social circle while having fun and doing something worthwhile.

The Geraldine Lions Club is a community institution in Geraldine and one of the many groups doing great works while having fun.  If you are interested in volunteering check out the long list of organisations, clubs and groups in Geraldine and get in touch.


Work/Life Balance

milking-shed-webWith some major employers in the district we score highly for relocation either from overseas or domestically for a life style choice.  We have some great employment opportunities across diverse industries to appeal to a large and varied audience.

 Coupled with great schooling and fantastic sports, outdoors activities, cultural, arts and interests groups, Geraldine certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

The district boosts a thriving dairy industry that has openings for all skill levels, drivers, milkers, herdsman and a Fonterra factory complex with numerous manufacturing and production roles in food specialist companies.  Retail jobs that are both seasonal and permanent, part time and full time, and a catering industry looking for more talent.

Your quality of life can improve with a small commute to and from work, no traffic lights or roundabouts to contend with and the only other person you can see on your way to work is a sheep!

Find out more about working in South Canterbury through Venture Timaru and contact the Geraldine Community Resource Centre to find out about job vacancies.


A great place to bring up kids

Geraldine High School, geraldine.nzFrom early childhood education to Year 13, Geraldine can cater for your child throughout their school life. The town itself has a secondary school (incorporating the intermediate years), primary school and several pre-school providers, and the outlying communities of Woodbury, Peel Forest-Carew and Winchester also provide primary schools.
For school age children there are numerous facilities in the town, including playgrounds, skate park, swimming pool and playing fields.  Children are spoilt for choice with sporting, arts, dance and musical programmes on offer around the area.
Find out more about our schools and discover all the clubs and activities your children can do when you check out our comprehensive list of clubs and groups in Geraldine.


A great place to do business

Go Geraldine visitor centre openingWith a whole host of companies of all sizes situated in the town, Geraldine has a very active business community.  At the heart of this, Geraldine.nz (formerly Go Geraldine) works towards the overall success of our town.  

Geraldine.nz aims to develop and promote the Geraldine district, including the rural communities, as a vibrant place in which to live, work, play and stay. This includes all business, cultural, social, recreational, amenities and attractions available in the Geraldine District and surrounding area.

Geraldine.nz also assists in establishing, building and encouraging a strong and healthy business environment in the wider Geraldine district, where locals support locals for the common good.

In the wider region businesses can obtain support from the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce and local economic development agency Venture Timaru.

            Find out more about Geraldine.nz and our membership listing.


        Find out more about SC Chamber of Commerce  and business training.


   Find out more regional information about South Canterbury.

           Find out more about living/working/business in the district this clip & at Venture Timaru.                                                          


South Canterbury is a great place to be. But don't just take our word for it!